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You and your partner are living a crisis right now, and your relationship is full of obstacles. However, it is not the only one having to overcome them, for your inner self is full of barriers as well. This Monday 5 of November you will manage to find your way to reconciliation through humbleness.

On Tuesday, you have to do the same but the other way around, Sagittarius. Focus on your wellbeing and be faithful to yourself. This week will guide you to calm and introspection spaces, and you will reach your most sensory side.

On Wednesday all you will need is a hug, the warmness of accompaniment. However, sometimes trying to expand your relationships could be a double-edged sword. On Thursday, focus only on your closest friends and family. 

Cancer's influences take you to tenderness and sensitivity. Don't set yourself limits and take care of your spirit.


This Monday pay attention to the problems that could arise at work: teamwork can lead to serious confrontations. The mood that will result from this can lead to a negative, unlucky Tuesday.

Don't be hasty and don't make rash decisions: it's time for peace and quiet. On Wednesday keep that prudence and remember that silent success is better than open failure.

On Thursday you will have to measure your ambition, for your success depends on it. You could be successful but tired, or relaxed and happy. It depends on you.

Awaking an impulsive, dynamic, risky Sagittarius will be rewarded this Friday. The weekend will be time for you to squeeze your demands, rest and gain momentum in order for you to avoid unproductive collapse.


Our advice is that you begin the week strengthening your physical strength with healthy habits and cleansing your home's and spirit's bad vibes. This week demands mental and physical equilibrium and that will manifest on Thursday when you'll be too sensitive.

On Friday you will have a stomach ache. However, if you know how to focus your inner energy on overcoming it, you will be able to. The rest of the week will be peaceful, and it will invite you to take good care of yourself and be preventive and cautious.

On Wednesday learn to read the signs of your body and improve your sensations through body postures. On Saturday find out the benefits of antioxidant foods to prolong your life. On Sunday, use saffron as an antidepressant.