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This week you need to be more rational. Don't act impulsively. It will help you have a balanced inner-self and improve your relationships with your loved ones.

You have to start this week meditating about some things going on in your life. The stars provide you with peace of mind. Avoid the negative situations that you will face on Tuesday. Also, consider changing your relationship with your closest friends.

You are willing to create a safe environment where you feel like you can face adversities. However, on Friday you will realize that the stars are no longer protecting you. From that moment, you will have to be stronger than ever. Don't worry, because on Wednesday the stars' energy will help you get through the rest of the week.

Your mental block will make you have inner contradictions. Fortunately, love will rescue you by the end of the week. Those who are single have to be ready to seduce, and those in a relationship need to let love in.


Your economy is at low levels by the beginning of the week. It is important that you don't go into debt these days. Also, remember your delayed payments and current debts.

Monday is the perfect day for you to show your leadership skills. Moreover, your abilities will increase on Thursday. You will also be more communicative and will tend to mediate and solve problems.

Around Friday you will have the need to trust your coworkers, abandon individualism and strengthen teamwork.

As the week goes on you want to have a steady economy. You don't want to get into something risky, you just want to have your money safe. However, on Saturday you may have to face some money loss, so on Sunday you will have to work hard to find a solution and improve it.


Relaxation activities must be your priority this week. You will suffer from fatigue and muscle pain. Also, on Tuesday you will feel anxious in closed spaces. Some fresh air is the best remedy.

Once you have overcome these issues, Wednesday will be the perfect day to check if everything is fine. Put more emphasis on your dietary habits. In general terms, you will feel better and in shape.

The Sun's influence will help you face the weekend with optimism and good vibes. It is the perfect time for you to get rid of your bad habits. On Friday you will get the results of a medical test that will tell you that everything is working perfectly well.

Saturday and Sunday will be days for disconnecting and relaxing. Balance your body, mind, and spirit.