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The Sagittarius prediction for the month of August

Your Sagittarius predictions for August 2018
AugustHoroscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: A month for inner renewal

Congratulations, Sagittariuses. Jupiter has started its transition, which means that August will bring you very positive vibrations, perfect to kickstart some soul changes. August is the month for your inner renewal and emotion evolution.

But it won't be that easy, dear centaurs. If life is a constant battle between good and evil, these days you'll have to fight quite a lot, but you have unconditional support and lots of inner strength.

The 6th you'll feel a great energy flux which will intensify your inner evolution on the 9th. On the 14th you can take on a renewal journey, and on the 16th some important people will make you see things from another point of view. On the 29th your process ends on an unforgettable day when you'll be closer to Nirvana than ever.

Still, there'll be a few bumps on the road. On the 2nd you'll experience severe mood swings, on the 11th you'll be paralysed by fear, on the 15th resentment will keep you stuck in place, and on the 22nd you'll tend to bring out your ugliest side with selfishness, arrogance and a foul mood. Those are barriers you need to break to reach your final destination.

Regarding love, Sagittariuses in relationships need to change their relationship perspective, and direct their steps towards a more spiritual kind of love with more independence. Single Sagittariuses will have a few positive experiences, and should remain open to new forms of love.



Money: Appreciate what you've got

August won't be especially good financially, nor bad. But that's not the important thing. This August, relax and watch your finances from another point of view. See things in perspective and learn to appreciate what you've got.

Up to the 15th, work will be full to the brim with stress, bosses telling you off and arguments, and the business world will bring nothing but betrayal, disappointment and failure. These are days to appreciate what you can't actually touch, to stop being obsessed with results and to learn to grow through processes and tasks.

From that moment on, you'll learn how to forget about the effects work has on you and to overcome adversity. Your willpower and stress going down will make your results improve and feel more satisfied. Little by little you'll start seeing yourselves focusing less on work, and more on the things that really make you happy.

Your last week will bring a change in the trend of your income, but it shouldn't change the perspective you've acquired towards work.


Health: Incoming positive vibes

Your health is alright, Sagittariuses, but a bit irregular at the start. One day there's one part of your body hurting, and another one the next, and even though the illnesses aren't that serious, they end up bringing you down in your everyday life. Use the positive inertia and incoming energy flux to improve a few areas.

On the 6th, for instance, since your ruling planet is in Uranus' orbit, you'll have an energy boost on your head and neck, and your willpower will run high to quit addictions like smoking, or to start a diet. Still, you need to manage that energy properly, and avoid working too hard when getting back on your feet.

On the 10th and 11th you need to slow down and rest more, and on Sunday the 12th, you'll get some brand-new cosmic energy to face recovery. These are perfect days for sport.

On the week of the 13th, your health is at its best. You can take this chance to do activities that make you stay active and help your mind stay optimistic. The 19th will be a good day for Sagittarian ladies who want to get pregnant. The last two weeks you'll have perfect health and you'll be able to explore new areas, for instance, sex.