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The Saturday January 20th Sagittarius Stars Prediction

The complete prediction about love, money and health
Sagittarius daily horoscope |




A Sagittarius who is in love is like a child with candy. Sagittarius highlight for being capable of doing anything they can for their love. They are very passionate, and seem to obey everything their partner asks them to do.

Be careful with it: overdoing it and being fully ruled by another person will mean you have lost your own identity. Don’t let it happen. Stop taking their priorities as yours.

You are about to explode because you’re aware of this, but don’t put your blame on people around you. It’s not their fault at all; it’s only yours.


Sagittarius don’t like showing off about the money they earn and they are very discreet about their incomes and expenses. You have seen that very little people like sharing their salaries with their closest friends.

You are exactly the opposite: you don’t find it a difficulty to tell everyone what your salary is like. You do so because you are an insecure person and want others to admire you by your incomes. Change this attitude or people will start hating you.


Go ahead and have a go in a new field you're attracted by such as dancing, karate, yoga or any which helps you acquire a higher knowledge about your body. Any of these disciplines will be good for your motion and coordination. 

You have always wished you could learn how to dance, so a bit of dancing and the right music will make the perfect combination to gain motivation and will make you feel better by the end of the day.