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The Thursday January 18th Sagittarius Horoscope

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The only person who is able to make you happy is one who does not overwhelm you and is not looking for a long-term compromise. You have decided to be free to find love again after breaking up with a person you had been with for years. Now you deny being identified as someone who you are not.

You have just made a big and important step and do not have to feel under pressure although your friends assure that what others think is not relevant, because your worry is not the one they imagine. 

People identify you as one who thinks that, once you have children and build up a relationship with another person, the both of you must be cautious until you settle a kind of compromise. Everyone has their own opinion, but yours is more than respectable. 



By chance, at some point in the past, you had to deal with a customer who was far too demanding. Now that you thought you got rid of them, this person is back to your life. Moreover, the managers of your company have decided to rely on you again since you got very good results and made a good deal. That is the reason why the bosses have dared believe in you. 

Your mind is ready to offer the best solution to their demand but your picture does not state the same, to try to change your countenance. Sometimes we have to do things which are not pleasant at all, but this is not the end of the world. 



You have been successful and have created a new perspective in life and your current situation. You feel determined not to let the others' situations interfere directly in your issues. Thanks to this, you will become more aware of your needs. 

Today could be a good bay to start working at some of the aspects of your body you have not exercises for a long time, such as the condition of your skin and hair or any other thing you would like to improve. 


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