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The Wednesday January 17th Sagittarius Horoscope

The stars predictions for Sagittarius.
The predictions for Sagittarius according to the stars |


Having a very strong feeling that you need someone may be something unhealthy. Being too stuck to your partner may cause a situation of dependence which will end up with a split between you and your partner, and you do not want it to happen. 

Remember that throughout your life it will be yourself who will always be by your own side and that, in the end, you will be the only one who will have to cope with it. It will be useless trying to delegate your problems and insecurity to the other person and waiting that person to fight with them for you. It can comfort you, yes, but the change must be placed in oneself. 



Waking up in a bad mood and having a day in which everything seems to go wrong is not something which usually happens to you but, when it happens, it drives you crazy. Going to work and having problems with your vehicle, o suffering a delay from your public transport, is not precisely the best way to start the day, but it will be your smallest problem today. 

Along the day, you will have to fix some mishaps, and by the end of the day you will have a bittersweet feeling: too many difficulties to face but, on the other hand, you will know how to cope with them. 



You always keep an eye on others to know who they are doing with their things and you can't help comparing yourself to them. Despite being very bright and shiny, no one really has what they want. 

Behind a good wall there are always problems, insecurities and worries. The difference lies on the way to cope with the difficulties and the mentality you shape against them. 

If you feel insecure by what others think of you, it is because you carry the weight of something which does not belong to you.