Sagittarius MONTHLY Horoscope

22 Nov - 21 Dec

Sagittarius monthly: Your horoscope for the month of January 2020

Love: Opening your heart

Your horoscope for this January talks about an ability to communicate that comes from your heart. Venus will influence your sign very positively and will make you go through some intense changes on a personal level.

By the middle of the month, you will feel like opening up to new possibilities, you will welcome a sincere love into your heart and will feel more confident with yourself. This will help you set some limits and improve the quality of your relationships.

Single Sagittarius, you will be able to stay away from toxic relationships this month. You’re ready to enjoy a completely healthy love story and to make your souls connect. You will think carefully before making any rushed decision and you will be more prone to relating to others.

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Money: Fortune and abundance

The economic prediction for this January says that your energies will be focused on saving, especially during the first week of the month. In the second week, you will start taking risks and you will invest some money.

The Stars say you will have the cash you need to carry out all your plans, especially during a certain moment when you will have to spend an important amount of money.

Your professional life will be calmer this month. You will find a way to earn people’s respect in your company and you will have the energy to start learning and getting further education after you realize you could get promoted.

Health: Improving your personal care

The Magic Horoscope predicts you will include new healthy habits in your life and new personal care routines. You will probably do more exercise and you will also start eating healthier.

The new planetary energies that are going through your sign will bring a lot of positivity in your life and your emotions. You will feel in a great mood and you will be in contact with that part of yourself that wants to make the most of its life.

This January will be the perfect month to consider your attitude. Remember to be more grateful for everything you have, this will help you balance your energies and attract abundance.