Sagittarius Forecast for December 1

Prediction for Saturday
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In the mysterious world of love, Sagittariuses, you will see the light guided by intuition, which goes hand in hand with emotions to bring archers into a dream of endless passion. Today there's nothing that can go wrong, save for measure and regret.

Opening up to hidden passion is making room for improvisation, surprise, excitement. Getting into the deepest core of the mysterious and unexplored is not in your nature, but perhaps you might reach spiritual excellence through introspection.

Besides, that will help you connect with some of your loved ones after having become increasingly distant. Giving away a part of you is wonderful, and today it will give you a fulfilling reward in the form of love.


Listening to your soul's needs means you're willing to provide for your greatest skills and to give your best at a time when you might feel frustrated and drained at a job that doesn't make you completely satisfied.

The advantage of not stopping to a halt and finding time to do what you like the most is that you'll come to find yourselves again, and you'll realise you're so much more worth than what you thought. To survive isn't the same as to live.

In order to live life to the fullest and feel fulfilled and rewarded, you need to break the limits of your daily duties, and use your free time to do activities where you can unfold and work on your skills... and there's plenty.


The appearance of sores and some mild pain on your throat are symptoms of a mouth infection, which is one of the early signs for a sharp drop in your immune system. You're exposed to infectious agents and need to watch your hygiene closer.

To boost your immune system naturally, ecologic foods can be your best friends, because our body consumes too much energy into toxin reduction when having processed foods. Soon you'll feel much better.

Stress is another factor that lowers down your body's capacity to fight bacteria back. Don't get too nervous and make some extra effort to stay clean.