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Sagittarius Prediction for 10 December

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Even if sometimes it seems like sex is not the top priority, it still is something essential for the relationship, for better or worse.

Today sex has a crucial role in your relationship's health, Sagittariuses, because it's hard to bring together the interests of each of you, when one partner has a low libido and the other is always ready to rumble.

In these cases, frustration, mistrust and blame could easily show up, and all of this will break your wellness and self-esteem. Your only solution here is to create an honest dialogue and that both of you give in to some of your partner's desires.


The arrival of financial adversity that will make you lose your stability could come from different causes, Sagittariuses, but in your case there's two essential issues that leave you exposed and at the mercy of crisis point: not having an emergency fund and having risky investments.

In other words, you're playing with fire and there's no safety net under your feet. These two elements usually end up as the decline into a massive bankruptcy.

Fortunately, you're still on time to save the day. Don't wait until disaster hits to mope and blame your bad luck. Your financial issues come from structure, and you need to change the whole concept: create a safety fund (for saving) and boost productive finances (to have steady income).


Sagittarian ladies will feel strong abdominal pain because of period complications. Even if this discomfort isn't usual in your case, you need to listen to your body and give these issues all the attention they deserve.

In the worst case scenario, these pains come from endometriosis, which occurs when the deepest layer of the uterus is out of place. This can only be treated by an expert, but it's an extreme case, so you shouldn't fear the worst.

If pain doesn't get too sharp and it's just occasional, this is just a regular period mismatch which you can treat naturally and overcome if you're disciplined enough.

These days it's quite important to stay optimistic and embrace the help that others can give you.

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