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Sagittarius Forecast for December 11

Prediction for Tuesday
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Your passiveness about certain house chores, a secret being revealed which you thought was safe and away, your unbearable tardiness... All these minor issues will end up breaking your partner's patience, and a serious battlefield could explode right in the midst of your home.

But these are just heavy words and exaggerate arguments, a showcase of strength in a cockfight. There's no background message, nor solid arguments that could lead you to think about a relationship crisis.

You need to turn things back from a calm position. Reverse psychology will help you not lose reasoning and to stay calm at the same time, so that things can go back to normal in the end. You both start with the wrong idea that lowering down your tone means giving in. That's just empty pride at its finest.


There's winds of change that make you seriously consider changing jobs. This could be a good formula to raise your mood, renew hopes and give some extra drive to your career, which has come to a standstill and is slowly turning into frustration and passiveness.

You've got great skills that could make you an expert in your field, but the stars warn that things could go much worse if you don't shake it up. You need to find new ambitions, a gust of fresh air that makes you more active and dynamic.

Attention, Sagittariuses: today, the person you least expect could be a really useful source of learning, so don't close yourselves off and find new perspectives and ways to perceive things in what others can teach you. After all, your main goal is to keep growing.


Sagittariuses, your mood will take a sharp drop today. This could be a mentally and physically draining day, and only physical activity will help you to get driven enough to pull forward.

Your day will begin just fine, although there'll be minor issues that could make your mood drop. Control the limits of pain through your mind to have a full, enjoyable day.

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