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Sagittarius Horoscope for 12 December

Your Forecast for Wednesday
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This Wednesday is one of those days when all you want to do is complain and only see the dark side of life. You also tend to constantly regret and revise your actions, which brings you to blame yourselves and play the victim.


The human spirit is weak and goes through many vulnerable stages. Sagittariuses, you have a very special sensitivity, and that's why you should be especially careful to avoid falling into a dangerous spiral of depression.


Boost your willpower and desire to overcome. A helping hand or a loving hug could be powerful weapons to use. You should always remember you're not alone, and you don't always have to try hard to overcome adversity on your own; that doesn't make you stronger, it makes you more vulnerable.




Today you'll have some unwanted scares that will test your reaction skills. This demands you to always be on watch, and to put away some of your fancy and frivolity, by making room for seriousness and responsibility.


This is no time to play, Sagittariuses, and now you need to prove you're a good employee, and that you have the abilities and aptitude to bring your projects forward. Don't only think about material goods and tangible profits; think big, think about your chances of professional success.


Your position could see dramatic changes in the near future, and it's up to your determination to give these changes an upward or downward position.




Sagittariuses, there might be some health issues that will take you to the surgery room, but they're not that serious, and you need all your might to overcome them. These issues are mostly located on your bones, so you need to have a strong, rehab-ready body.


On the other hand, you could have a throat infection. Remember that it's important to keep your mouth and teeth clean to get rid of any bacterial trace. It's an infection-exposed area which you should keep in consideration.


As long as you can bring optimism and a positive mindset into your day, all those problems that threaten you will become easy-to-dodge obstacles.

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