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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for December 13

Prediction for Thursday
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Even if you don't feel ready to come back together, now that these days you're more sensitive than usual, it might be good if you tried to come closer to each other. Once the repentance period is over, it's good to let feelings flow and avoid stiffness.

This isn't about patching the relationship back together, because you're the only ones who know how harmful (or not) that would be for you. But the stars send you some energy you can use to heal up some wounds that will only close if you avoid resentment.

Keeping it all in could seriously hurt you, and that's why today's horoscope encourages you to be brave and, once again, generous.


The year is coming to a close and it's a good time to analyse, to think back about some things you can improve, and make new resolutions which ultimately are your immediate goals.

It won't be the sharpest day to make choices, so you should be passive about them today. Instead, oral communication is perfect, which you can use to express some concerns and solutions, and to socialise with others.

There will also be a fine or two coming along. If you go on long journeys, watch your speed, and avoid getting ticketed at this point of the month.


In order to defeat the ghosts of temptation, distract your mind and find fun activities to fill your time with, and avoid thinking about that desired object which harms your health. The stars will help you find enough willpower to bring excess to a halt and avoid falling back into some of your addictions.

In order to do that, you also need a sense of balance in life. When your life is surrounded by trouble, insecurities and a lack of ruling and control show up, so it becomes easier to fill up your voids with addiction.

As the day progresses you'll realise that you have more than enough tools to stay firm on your past choices, and to be strict about keeping a healthy lifestyle.

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