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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 15

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Today it is highly recommended that you let your imagination fly because fantasies can act as an escape valve from certain temptations that would lead you to disaster. Do not make decisions when you are angry and be careful with your impulses: if you want something forbidden, reproduce it in your imagination.

Sincerity with your partner or with a close friend will help you to expire some guilt and remove from within concerns that erode your well-being and lower your mood. You will achieve balance through understanding and communication with others.

Show your best smile when people say bad things about you and use your joy and your optimism as a weapon.


You're more exposed than ever to deception and betrayal, so cover your back. It's okay to be a little more suspicious than usual today, as it will allow you to face the unexpected with your guard up and offer a forceful response to attacks.

On the other hand, today is an ideal day to sell a property or carry out a commercial transaction, and the Sagittarius who are on the sales business will achieve the best results thanks to a strengthening of their negotiating skills. In these areas, today, you have to be relentless.

However, do not forget to rest. Sometimes it is good not to do anything!


Your health requires a final effort and more discipline to reach the end of the year in fullness. Try to preserve your healthy eating habits that have given you such good results before you can afford some whims in the Christmas meals.

The day will allow you to discover, through relaxation and knowing yourself, unique body sensations that you did not know, thus deepening the knowledge of yourself both physically and mentally. You will come into direct contact with your consciousness.

If you are usually into the esoteric world and have never experienced it, you can enter the world of astral travel, which allows you to acquire a new form of consciousness between the sensory world and the world of dreams. It can be very rewarding.

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