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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 16

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Your ability to empty yourself to be generous to others is limitless, Sagittarius, but there comes a time when you feel so empty that you don't have much left to give. This will happen to you today, and it is the point at which you must re-enclose yourself to recover energies.

It doesn't mean that you have to become selfish, grumpy and sullen, but that you prioritize your inner and spiritual needs.

Through a work of strength recovery, you will soon feel ready to return to being the altruistic and generous Sagittarius that everyone loves.


Today you will learn that the point of view of others can be very enriching and bring new and stimulating perspectives to your closed world of ideas and methodologies. From the debate of ideas and conceptions, you will get new and very interesting insights to reach your goals.

However, you must be very attentive to the not always innocent interest of some people who try to take advantage of your weakness and kindness. Keep your guard high to avoid fatal blows to your work and your economy, and find the right spaces to receive the good energies.

You will also have to find in your private life, in love and friendship, the necessary motivations to solve internal problems and blockages that harm you in your professional world.


You need to stimulate your mind and emotions to regain the optimism, vitality, and energy that have lost weight in your life because of obligations, worries, and nerves. Becoming the fun and adventurous Sagittarius is possible thanks to techniques such as laughter therapy.

Although it sometimes generates some rejection among skeptics, laughter therapy is a proven psychotherapeutic technique that generates mental and emotional benefits through laughter. Did you know that laughter is a physiological reaction that your body uses as an emotional discharge?

In the same way that when you are very anxious, crying helps to release tension, laughter has similar effects but in this case, through the mobilization of 300 muscles and the release of substances that produce happiness, it leads us to a state of vitality and optimism. Try it.

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