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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 17

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The feeling that all your hopes fade into failure and frustration condemns you to depressive feelings, sadness and melancholy. It absorbs all your energies, it leaves you despondent and without capacity of reaction.

There are times, Sagittarius, when you simply cannot carry everything alone, and in those moments you have to be humble and recognize that you need help. Today the presence of someone important in your life will discover the wonderful power of friendship.

You can spend a very fun and rewarding day next to an exceptional person, and again fill yourself with hope and excitement for the immediate future.


Today's challenges induce you to the risk of being overwhelmed, but with the help of the stars you will learn to relativize the concept of success and failure, and thanks to your optimism you can use it as an impulse and a motivation to move forward.

The same will happen with some not very good news about your economy, which forces you once again to put everything in order and to control better inputs and outputs. Sometimes, Sagittarius, you have no choice but to tighten your belt and try to live better with less.

In your workplace, being more analytical and observing what is going on around you gives you an important competitive advantage, and as things stand, you have to adjust to an environment where there are not always good intentions and charitable souls.


The stars notice a weakness in your organism due to bad adaptation to climatic variations. Be careful with weather changes and remember that when you sleep your body is exposed to cold, and that is when you run the risk of catching a cold.

Also remember that tobacco and alcohol are substances that, among other things, weaken your immune system and leave you at the mercy of bacteria, microbes, and viruses. One more reason to moderate your consumption these days, and to take more into account the prevention of diseases.

During the day, also, there will appear some limit situations that increase the levels of stress and nervousness, and all this affects also your defenses. Take control of your mind and dominate your nerves.

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