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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 18

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Forbidden relationships are sexual fantasies that float through your mind and that it is not bad to feed, as long as they remain as mere thoughts. Crossing the border and turning them into a reality introduces you into a risky and dangerous situation, and that's what happens today.

Your emotional stability and your relationship are threatened by your inability to control some impulses, but you still have time to rectify. It's as simple as balancing what you earn and what you lose with that, and deciding accordingly.

That requires greater control of yourself and better management of situations because entering a spiral of lack of control where passions dominate the spirit is detrimental to your interests.


Staying in the shade offers you a comfortable umbrella of protection to avoid being splashed by failures and problems. It is a pragmatic attitude, Sagittarius, no doubt about it, but also a too strict limit for a person as ambitious as you.

Where is that overwhelming Sagittarius who wanted to rule the world? Where did you leave your leadership skills that dazzled everyone around you?

Being a leader means, above all, taking risks and responsibilities, and you're in an ideal position to step forward and carry that. The chances of success, in this case, multiply in your favor.


If your face is the reflection of your health, today you will discover by looking in the mirror that you are not exactly going through your best moment. That yellowish color, those dark circles, those drooping eyelids... For some reason, the lack of iron and vitamins and a bad rest have bad consequences in you.

You have to put emphasis on making sure that your body receives all the vitamin and mineral complements that it requires, putting more discipline in your eating habits and avoiding eating the wrong way. A good rest will do the rest.

Because of all these circumstances, you may notice some very annoying headaches during the day, which is nothing more than the logical consequence of your health.

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