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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 19

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The stars position is introducing Sagittarius not into a new situation, but into problems of understanding with your partner and self-realization. When your personal interests move further and further away from theirs, doubts and uncomfortable questions arise.

Do you love him/her enough? Does s/he love me as s/he should? Is that person the one for you? Am I really in love, or was it just an outburst? 

None of that, Sagittarius: love as a couple is a hard and laborious path of concessions and generosity in which two people with different and even sometimes contradictory interests find the way to build a common project. All you need is patience.

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Differences in criteria at work can leave you in a very dangerous situation because sometimes you are so stubborn that defending your ideas turns into something conflictive, and you could fear that your job is endangered.

Listen to what the stars have to say to you, Sagittarius: defending your way of seeing things doesn't have to involve shouting, heated arguments and disrespect. Even when you haven't provoked that, if you end up getting involved, you can go wrong too.

On the other hand, in your daily way of doing things, in your daily example through hard and conscientious work, you can reflect your way of seeing and beating your opponents without the need to use foul play.


Today your muscles are especially overloaded, which is why, first of all, you will feel your body moving heavy and slow, and that makes you feel clumsy. Also, secondly, some sudden movements can cause contractures.

This will cause you quite intense pain that can leave you unused for a good part of the day. Today, more than ever, be careful not to make sudden movements and avoid bad postures in bed and at work. At rest, and in the workplace, be more disciplined.

On the other hand, chiropractic treatments and work with physiotherapists can give your body the tone it needs, for this month it's not at its best. 

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