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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 21

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The feeling of guilt and self-punishment are too extreme measures for such a sensitive soul, Sagittarius. The fire inside you takes you to the limit many times, but you have to ponder your emotions with your deep knowledge and maturity.

In your relationship with others, always seek the point of justice that allows you to have an honest and sincere connection with them. In love, you have to promote fidelity and attention today.

In your relationship with yourself, you have to reduce demands and increase compassion. The moment of improvement and evolution that you are experiencing deserves from you a margin of benevolence, far removed from that rigidity that does not lead to any positive effect. 


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If after some purchases where you go a little crazy with spending money you feel very disappointed because you feel you have a big problem, Sagittarius. Maybe you could be a little more careful because there are some complicated dates coming now, but once you've made a mistake, what's the point of feeling sorry for yourself?

Repentance has to be just a lesson to avoid reproducing mistakes, but not a useless punishment. On the other hand, you've worked hard to get that money, and it's no sin, from time to time, to spend it on something that makes you feel excited.

But then, what doesn't make sense is to turn that excitement into repentance.


The fullness of strength you have found after many weeks of instability deserves careful preservation. The maintenance of power within you lies today in the importance of connecting with your environment, and according to cosmic confluences, the city is for Sagittarius a toxic environment.

On the other hand, according to the prediction of the stars, nature offers enormous potential as a source of energy and benefits from the elements that directly impact the organism, such as the pure air that fills the lungs or the smell of damp grass that inspires and relaxes you.

Going out for a walk surrounded by nature with your friends or family, or by yourself, and walking while you feel the freshness and cleanliness that the environment has to offer, will revitalize your soul much more than you can imagine.

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