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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 22

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Excesses threaten to break the tranquility you had achieved those last days because it seems that lately, you have forgotten the need to live in balance and everything is presented to you as black or white. Either euphoria or depression, either indifference or passion.

Find the middle point that will serve you to squeeze the maximum out of each person and each experience, so that each new situation is a life lesson that you can fully experience. 

Otherwise, excesses can make you say inappropriate things or make very radical decisions that, even if it is not your will, end up harming people around you or are interpreted in a negative way.


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Holidays can be a good time to recapitulate about your economy, to take stock of successes and mistakes without any intention of judging you, but of improving. There are some not at all trivial questions that you have to start thinking and reflexing, to draw conclusions.

Also today you will have to deal with some temptations that put at risk the most recent income. You have to learn to balance spending with solving your needs or desires: you can have what you need by trying to spend the minimum.

You don't have to give up anything, Sagittarius. But now that such special holidays are coming up, it might be good to remind yourself of the importance of things you can't buy.


The astral confluences and your personal situation make you try to expel stress and anxiety from your body through radical emotions and extreme actions. In love, for example, your sexual instinct is more awake than ever.

Beyond the fact that in your relationship this can produce some imbalances, on a physical level, anything taken to the extreme is negative, and that sudden obsession with sex can generate some imbalances.

The important thing is that you learn to regulate that part of your desires without having to give them up. For example, during today, try to control your most instinctive passions and limit them to a few sporadic acts into which you can pour all that passion.

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