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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 23

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The ability to forgive is within reach of not many people and says much about the greatness of the soul of those who are able to put it into practice. We speak of true forgiveness, Sagittarius, which you offer to the person with whom you are separated by very deep questions that seem irresolvable.

When you have reached such a point of hatred and enmity, forgiveness is presented as a truly heroic act. However, apart from being a generosity gesture, it also purifies your spirit.

If today you can put into practice the kind action of forgiving someone who betrayed you or disappointed you, you will be enlarging your whole person and filling a void that corrodes you.


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Take a step back from economic affairs and professional duties, because even if it is sometimes pressing, freeing yourself from the suffocating atmosphere of business and economy can have a very positive and renewing effect on you.

Now that those holidays are coming where you get a little more nostalgic than usual, it is an ideal time to strengthen some bonds of friendship and, although money is not everything, you have reached an ideal point of prosperity that allows you to help those who need it most.

Someone in your environment, for sure, is going through a somewhat delicate situation. Remember that you too have gone through that. Solidarity will help you to feel better with others and with yourself.


The arrival of Christmas allows you to relax a little. The hardness of your discipline concerning some pleasures is very difficult in a person as inclined to enjoy life with full freedom as you, Sagittarius. The stars give you a plus of energy today.

Nevertheless, it is the ideal moment to recapitulate, now that the end of the year is approaching, and analyzing a little how your health is, the things that you could improve to feel better and face 2019 with even more energy. This final stretch of the year you've learned a lot about alternative therapies.

It's time to delve into some new and exciting fields such as meditation and some Eastern philosophies, with medicinal aspects, which can greatly improve your health. 

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