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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 24

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Frustrations in love take you to an excessively absorbing point and lead you to the risk of losing the potential offered to you today by family relationships and friendships. It is not always easy to overcome some love disappointments, but you must face it with maturity.

If you manage to abstract yourself from the immediate pain that impacts your heart you will be able to see, beyond this failure, a wonderful environment of people who love you and can bring you very positive things.

When love becomes pain, it absorbs the most precious things that you carry within you. If you overcome this pain, you will be a person loved and admired by the people next to you.


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The creation of some opportunities that are important for your future catch you unprepared and with a somewhat altered mood that, for better or for worse, incapacitate you to make the right decision. Dedicate yourself to enjoying a productive day on an emotional level, and rest from work.

Instead, it's a good day to start some reforms you had pending or start a project for which you were hoping to save some money. You are in a good moment of your economy, and you can face an expansive process.

To do this you need, above all, to get rid of your fears and some restrictions that, regarding money, have become an obsession that limits you.  


Combining large meals with remedies that cleanse your stomach and balance your body will help you cope with these somewhat heavy days. The fear of the risk of worsening your health is, however, sometimes just your imagination due to your obsession with it.

Although you must be careful with some habits, if you have been carrying out healthy lifestyle lately, you can allow yourself some whims that, although they won't do good to your body, they will revitalize you and increase your mood.

By feeling good and in the company of the ones you love, doing what you like and allowing you to fall into temptation, your brain releases some substances that fill your body with life and energy, and that in the end ends up resulting in your health. Do not force yourself too much when it comes to restrictions.

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