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Sagittarius Horoscope for December 3

Daily Prediction for Monday
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Your closest environment can sometimes have a pattern of regression in your feelings and emotions, but today it plays a crucial role for you to get rid of obsession.

Find in your friends the love you're missing out on in romantic frustration; your relationship has become an issue that's making you increasingly anxious, and it stops you from unfolding your spiritual personality.

Find in your friends the purest love that's inside you, and open up to much purer and more productive feelings concerning your soul.


Your day will go by with a few bumps in the road of your job, and there'll be a nasty consequence that'll make a great portion of your day worrying and anguishing. The solution is up to you, of course; set ideas straight and cool your mind to find feasible solutions.

But it's also up to others, and that's something you tend to forget often. If you look around, there's many people out there who can help you overcome obstacles at work. Teamwork and cooperation will help you get rid of road bumps.

This will also be useful for those of you who are living precariously or have no job right now. Getting anxious and trying to blame yourselves will get you away from the right path. You'll be closer to sorting out your problem if you open up to the help of others; expand the range of your social life and let everyone know you're looking for a job.


The shadows of fear and mental weakness are an open door to illness and infections, and they leave you at their mercy. If you're going through a cold, a flu or any virus-induced pain or discomfort, constant distress just makes your body weaker and delays healing.

Don't complain so much, build up a stronger, braver, more decisive personality. If you feel ill, project your mind into healing and go about your daily life with strength, energy and vitality. Be optimistic: a part of this is a mere mood.

Today's also a good day to help out people around you; feeling sorry about the illness of someone close means that you're actively concerned about their health, and sets into motion the values of help, comfort and company.

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