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Sagittarius Daily Prediction for 4 December

Tuesday's Sagittarius Forecast
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Misunderstandings in relationships lead to frustration, and you keep having the feeling that your passionate romance has ended up showing a sense of unsolvable incompatibilities. It's just a feeling, Sagittariuses. If you work on certain emotional areas, you'll see just how wrong you are.

But it is true that right now you're in a critic situation where resentment, jealousy, insecurities and fights can show up. It's all part of a loss of trust, Sagittariuses, and it's mandatory that you go back to communicating with your partner.

From a calm dialogue where you can face the adversity that's keeping you distant is where you'll find a path to reconcile and go back to square one: passionate romance.


The path to personal fulfillment lies at work, but also out of it. Through activities outside your profession, you'll find satisfying spaces which are highly beneficial for your wellness and self-esteem.

Besides, it might be a good source of income to fight back your current delicate situation. Sometimes there's no other choice than working more than you should to bring more income into your weakened finances, but those extra jobs could be a source of motivation.

It's a lucky day for Sagittariuses; try out your luck at gambling and lottery-based games. But watch out, this could turn into a dangerous addiction. Take moderation and responsibility as your guides to limit temptation.


This end of the year comes fully loaded with work and you can easily fall prey to exhaustion, which will turn into anemia, headaches, nervousness, insecurities and depression. In order to avoid it all, you need to relax your mind and find plenitude in life.

The most important thing to remember today is that your life shouldn't revolve around work. Sometimes obligation stops us from unfolding our true personality, and that makes us frustrated.

Whenever you aren't working, fill your free time through reading, listening to music, watching shows and movies you like, happily chatting with your friends... Feeling that your life's complete will minimise the effects of stress and exhaustion.

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