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Sagittarius Prediction for 5 December

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



With the arrival of certain issues into other areas of your life, such as family feuds and financial adversity, it's easy to ruin your own happiness and sink down into a sense of all-around catastrophe. Fortunately for you, you were born Sagittariuses.

Emotionally speaking, the stars' prediction for Sagittariuses foresees the arrival of serious issues in your personal relationships with your friends and family which will affect you much more than you think.

Right now you should follow the instinct that always helps you find the road to optimism, but you also need to take one step further and use your maturity to make certain decisions, no matter how drastic they seem.

Perhaps you should start reducing your friends' circle and limiting some of your family connections.


Before you buy something you don't need, think about how well you could use that money, but in these hard times you don't need to get obsessed with a bill that's slightly higher than usual, because rather than exact maths and cold numbers, right now your mood is what's important.

Make an effort to keep pessimism and drama locked away, and don't let go with negative thoughts. Now's the time to grow stronger in your centaur's optimism, to show your real archer's side aiming at success.

That's how you can think of higher goals than you initially thought, and you'll find you have a much clearer talent than you thought for certain activities.

When bad times arise, be optimistic, fight and trust.


Whenever you feel it's hard for you to stay energetic and tense, for example at work, try some natural remedies that will help you out with no unwanted side effects. If you're exhausted, today you'll wonder what you can have.

Some remedies such as maca and ginseng, which you can find at herbalist stores and specialised franchises, could be highly effective at the right dose. Pair them up with a nice dose of optimism and good humour.

Look around you; there's kind, energetic individuals who can give you what you can't find within. Try to use their strength to connect with them and bring out your inner renewed energy that you'll eventually be able to give back.

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