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Sagittarius Forecast for December 6

Prediction for Thursday
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You waste too much energy obsessing over a relationship which you know won't last, or chasing after love in an impossible battlefield. You've become a romantic who's happy metabolising pain into some sort of counterproductive self-harm and childish defeat.

Change things up, Sagittariuses: you shouldn't waste another minute into the useless effort of trying to get the attention of someone who doesn't even know you exist. Did you know that the planets offer you the gift of opportunity today? Create an attractive character and unfold your seduction skills.

Someone brand-new and fresh is about to step into your life to remind you that you're missing out on happiness and living life to the fullest. No more moping around, Sagittariuses; transform today into a passionate adventure of love and conquest.


Today there'll be a surprise event that could make you lose some money, but on the other hand, the planets' arrangement predicts there's some room for risk and fate, because good luck seems to have hit gold over your ruling planet. What's important here is not going crazy and being confident about it.

Just like in love, if you believe in yourselves you've got great chances for a nice surprise that will make you excited and hopeful. On the opposite side, pessimism sinks you down into passiveness and sentences you to lick your wounds.


The stars had been predicting for days that some infectious illnesses would enter your life to break your cosmic confidence. Now, that foul omen is happening, and it focuses on your eyes, so be careful with sties and conjunctivitis.

To soothe down the symptoms of this painful infection, a mixture of rue and chamomile or our old friend thyme could help you clean up the area. The most important thing is to avoid contagion, so you must avoid scratching and touching the area at all costs.

If you're Sagittariuses healing up, you need to be a little more disciplined in this last stage, because everything could have been for nothing at the very last minute. You can do it!

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