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Sagittarius Horoscope for 7 December

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Your renewed hopes about life at home will bring more balance into your emotions; you feel the need to spend more time home, whether you're alone doing the things you like, sharing activities with your partner, or enjoying family life with your kids.

Whatever the case, this is the start of a new period in your life with new paces and needs, and it completely changes some of your perspectives. But change is good, and it boosts your energy flow.

You'll feel calm, balanced, peaceful and confident, with spiritual wellness and a strong personality.


Expanding your acquaintance and friend networks boosts your professional success. You're full of energy, Sagittariuses; your determination and confidence give you leadership and the admiration of others around you, but you need to use it wisely and expand your social life networks.

Exchanging ideas and projects with others can enrich your point of view, and expanding your friends' circle in business ensures that you'll have a safety net if something goes wrong.

In this sense, Sagittariuses who are going through financial issues and experience blockage in job-hunting will also find an effective solution in expanding their social life and meeting new people.


Your liver is getting worse and you can feel your muscles getting heavier. This issue is starting to repeat itself, and you're even risking normalising a situation that deserves your full attention. Besides, all you need to do about this is take care and be disciplined.

The best thing you can do to sort out liver issues is to occasionally go on detox diets. Fiber will keep your body toxin-free, and so will do keeping your body hydrated and exercising. It's best if you eat little amounts in several meals across your day to help your body digest better.

And most importantly, fruit and vegetables should be the basis of your diet, to control kidney functions and help your liver work better.

For your muscles, get daily massages and do some gentle stretching.

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