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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope for December 8

Daily Prediction for Saturday
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The ongoing arguments in your relationship are the warning that some wounds have not fully healed just yet. It's quite typical for you as Sagittariuses to look to another side, thinking that problems will sort themselves out, but in this case, they've only been minimised for a while.

Now they're coming back up, and start shattering the foundations of a relationship that deserves a full check-up. However, and this is the good news, if you analyse the situation as a whole, you'll realise that the strength of your love can overcome anything.

If you believe in this strength, you'll find the way to finish off any malfunction. You'll know how to take on board the humility you need to face a negotiation process with your partner where you can give in to their wishes against your obsessions, and that's the most important thing.


Honesty, openness and solidarity are the three principles which should rule over your finances and workspace this weekend. Honesty and openness should start from within.

Setting things straight will help you take the right stance on new proposals and projects with a dose of reality that brings you closer to success. You should also be open and honest with others, trying to pair up success with respect, and avoiding envy and rivalry.

Being helpful is always optional, but it has plenty of rewards behind it, and star gatherings will bring a special reward for you today, Sagittariuses. It's a sort of retribution from karma for those of you who choose to be generous and selfless.


Attention, Sagittariuses! Watch where your hands are going and how you handle tools at work or kitchenware (be very careful with knives!). The stars will see that you're a little clumsy today, and they predict you're prone to having hand accidents.

Contracting some muscles could bring pain and paralyse your physical activity. In fact, today might not be the best day to exercise.


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