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Sagittarius Daily Prediction for 9 December

Sunday's Sagittarius Forecast
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Rushing in love, just like in many areas of life, isn't good and leads to haste. In your case, it also threatens to ruin the patient love conquest work you've been doing so far. Take back control and restraint, waiting will have its rewards.

Today you'll have a bit of a troublesome day at work and finances, so love could be your safe haven, but you'll only find peace and quiet through intelligence and communication.

Passion and loss of control will do nothing but fill you up for a few moments, and make you all tense afterwards.


The best way to face the serious issues in your project today is to find the calmness and confidence from all the work you've done. Many will try to use these issues to take advantage of your misfortune, but you shouldn't allow them from ruining all that sacrifice.

No matter how embarrassing this issue is, no matter how much it stains your work's honour or questions your evidence in the most unfair way, you should use honesty and openness as your weapons, and you need to use them with unreserved determination.

You'll come out victorious and stronger from all of this, Sagittariuses. Meanwhile, show a fierce grin and face this situation calmly and responsibly. Find the confident, firm spot that has helped you gradually build the fortress from which you see everything under a much more mature light.


Who says crying is bad? We've come to perceive crying as an expression we need to conceal, when it is not only a natural demonstration of our mood, but also a proven antidote against stress and depression. Cry ahead and release your tension, Sagittariuses.

When sadness is overflowing your heart, anxiety and nervousness take over your brain, and that's when your body grows weak and ill. Everything is linked together. That's why we take out much of that tension through our tear ducts, which ends up making us feel better.

Going beyond that, you might feel slightly dizzy across your day, so avoid reading for too long or spending long hours on the computer. Give rest top priority.

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