Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Setting some independent spaces for you and your partner could help solve certain issues that have become serious trouble. Incompatibility stems from a lack of understanding, and this comes from conflicting interests. Independence is the solution to a loss of power.

Bringing power back to a person without limiting your own is a complicated, yet brave decision. Its key component should be honesty. In order to act independently and give a sense of privacy and alone time, you need to trust one another, to avoid suspense and trickery.

Generosity will give birth to an improvement in social and human relationships. Come down from your pedestal of arrogance and show others your best selves with humility and honesty.


Your communicative skills and talent for negotiation will be your sharpest skills in your professional profile today. Boost these areas and rule out certain capabilities that make your work sloppy and slow you down.

Trying to present a profile that doesn't match your real selves isn't the most intelligent form of evolution. Find some creative qualities and make them work for efficiency.

Today, Sagittariuses, you need to be perseverant at work but also cautious and moderate: rushing is a danger with unexpected consequences. Don't take on board daring attitudes and let experts advise you.


Find physical safety when working on your heart's health. The stars predict that there's certain impairments, most of them coming from giving up on taking care of your body.

Changing certain habits and boosting your work on some other areas will be enough to get back to a balanced situation.

Bring some fruit and vegetables into your daily meals. Avoid cholesterol-filled foods and fried recipes. Good fats, iron, fiber and vitamins will bring your body into its best situation in the blink of an eye. Remember that it's also important to drink enough water every day.

Sport, sleeping well and giving up on bad habits such as smoking and drinking are getting increasingly necessary. Besides, you need to start going back to your ideal weight. Avoid piling on the pounds!