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Worrying about other people or the circumstances around you is stopping you from focusing on your spiritual, mental and physical wellness. It's time to set all your potential into yourselves. Take the need to be more selfish, in a good way.

If you take that change process and focus it on your own needs, then match it up with an evolution of your humility, giving up on your pride and self-indulgence, you'll take the first step on a very interesting path of personal fulfilment and satisfaction.

When it comes to love, today Sagittariuses could have a great connection with strangers to bring some fresh air around.


Making sure your finances improve is often linked to giving up on certain areas of your personal life or getting rid of some of your principles. Slowly but surely, your material world is taking over the spiritual side of your life.

Use your time off work to set your ideas straight and make some priorities happen. Financial stability makes room for you to reduce stress and attention to financial affairs, allowing you to focus on other areas of life, such as love or friendship.

Even personal fulfillment could happen at work, regarding certain career areas that you normally can't attend because of your busy schedule. It's time to spend time doing what really fills you.


As we live, we die, because everytime we breathe, our body rots a little. The cause for this process are free radicals, who make cells grow old and illnesses appear.

This process is also taking place in your body, Sagittariuses, but within that process of health evolution and improvement you're experiencing, there should also be the need to bring antioxidant foods into your diet.

These ingredients give you vitamins, enzymes and phytochemicals which stop free radicals from progressing any further. Broccoli, green tea, tomato, artichokes, cinnamon and black chocolate are some of the foods that will help you stop aging and boost your body's barriers.