Sagittarius Forecast for November 11

Prediction for Sunday
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The realisation of your dreams and aspirations is stepping over other more essential areas of your life. The result is a sense of frustration that's stopping you from seeing the many positive things around you and how potentially happy your life could eventually be.

Attract the energy of planets through mediation and quietness; this Sunday, pair up activities that could make you move around a little more (social relationships with friends, for instance) with other relaxing moments to open up your mind and soul to cosmic energies.

Connecting to the universe will take you away from negativity and you'll forget about the frustration you get from those open-ended areas of your life, giving priority to excitement and hope.


Financial issues could take your life off balance, affecting negatively other areas of your personal life. But remember, Sagittariuses, that foul moods and a sense of fatality negatively influence your energy cycle, and thus attract bad luck.

Staying calm and leaving finances aside for a while could help you to breathe in some fresh air and have some perspective. Forget about your issues for a few hours and try to fight them back by having quality time with your loved ones and activities to keep you busy.

When you come back into action, do so by thinking from a more relative point of view; convince yourselves that it's just another area in your life, and that it shouldn't affect your overall happiness. Only then will you face adversity with no pressure on you.


Keeping your spirits up can be a gargantuan endeavour which escapes our possibilities; we just feel unable to fight back the despair that's keeping us in place. Sagittariuses, today that despair threatens to turn you into grey human clouds wafting through life, waiting for the day to be over.

You can open up small pathways of light to tear through that grey could until you get a brighter day. Fighting back depression is hard, but when you get it, you learn a lot from yourselves.

Today you should discover the power of saffron as a great anti-depression agent. Eastern-based therapies will help you find yourselves and fight back anxiety through body relaxation and meditation. Make this day worth living with your optimistic mentality.