Sagittarius Horoscope for 12 November

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During today, the arrangement of planets conveys a feeling of emptiness and insecurity that might lead you to hold back and behave erratically. Our advice for today is that you find spaces of comfort and safety.

Don't make important decisions, there'll be better days for that. Your priority right now is to get some confidence and find a strong surface to stand on if you want to walk towards your dreams and goals.

Don't despair when faced with failure. When things don't go the way you want, as they will today very often, especially when it comes to love, start over with patience and confidence.


Self-indulgence is your worst enemy at work, Sagittariuses. Keeping your guard up to avoid sudden surprises and last minute problems is your best ally. Your results and satisfaction at the end of the day will depend on your attitude today.

Ambition needs to be the inner force making your actions happen, it needs to be the engine behind the machinery of your activity. If you feel down because of mistakes, remember you're human, and therefore vulnerable, and that the key to succeed for us mortals is usually persistence.

You need mental fortitude, optimism and determination. Give up on arrogance and pride, face your job with humility and generosity, and let others give you advice without closing yourselves off from anything.


If you're Sagittariuses who've been struggling with your weight for a while, you'll feel down and clash against one of those bumps in the road which threaten to ruin months of work. Keep your achievements up with some basic remedies.

The stars' arrangement points out that this is a mood drop, even though your weight loss plan is going in the right direction. You need to find motivation and energy inside you once again to complete the process. If your goal is too far off, redefine your priorities.

You need to find the strength that makes you decisive, constant Sagittariuses within. The key isn't to make mistakes, but to avoid the fall. That's why practicing certain relaxation therapies from the far East will offer you not only a reduction in stress, but also a new philosophy to life: walking slower to go further.