Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



The general dynamics in the frustration-ridden environment you're entering could be very negative. Your soul is prone to locking itself out and your mind becomes an imprisoned tool: you're your own worst enemies.

The spell from the stars closes off the path to energies that could come from your ruling planet, which keeps wandering around in vain, leaving fate and uncertainty at the hands of your spirits. You're fully responsible for yourselves and you're standing alone against danger.

All of this is creating the need to empower yourselves to build up your happiness, and there's only one weapon which can do that: love.

Avoid frustration by boosting love around you. Focus your optimism and vitality on your partner, build an impenetrable fortress of trust and togetherness, and release the love and passion inside you. Make love to fight all the negativity around you.


The best way to sort out problems at work is to trust your abilities and work firmly believing in what you do. Competition needs to be a stimulus for ambition with the goal of getting better results. If you use it negatively, it'll be counterproductive.

In order to improve the environment around work and to help energy flow smoother and open the pathways of productivity, you need to be honest and crystal clear: if there's something wrong, go ahead and express your criticism with a constructive goal. Avoid foul criticism on the back.

Jealousy and fighting could go against you. Don't take the path of conflicts.


It's time to take your health more seriously, Sagittariuses, to be aware once more that not everything is based on nourishing your spirits. Physical health should be equally balanced with mental growth. If your body can't help you up, you won't be able to chase after your dreams.

If you have sugar or high blood pressure issues, be very careful; these are areas that the stars point out will be risky for your current health.

If you can feel symptoms pointing out that those issues are coming, you should play it safe and go to the doctor.