Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



You feel bewildered because you can't find a source of energy inside you that connects you to the biorhythm of the universe when facing a tough day. Your energy channels are blocked and it feels much harder to face adversity.

Positive energy is in your closest range, but you need to find it for yourselves. Open up, be more aware and break the limits of your own selves; increase your range of action and find out, magically and passionately, the potential from the people around you.

They're like small treasure chests you can open up as the day goes by, and you can use their gleam, with both their virtues and flaws, to nourish your strength and excitement.


Sagittariuses, you will feel sort of slow and clumsy at work today. Here's some advice: wake up early and do some sport; even if it's just walking around, doing it early in the morning can clear up your mind and activate your energy.

Getting in touch with the fresh air of the outside world brings you some extra oxygen and eases the pressure, releases some tension and speeds up your biorhythm. It makes your ideas more clear and brings out your talent. Your best profile shows itself freely.

Enclosed spaces will make you feel like you're drowning, and take away agility and precision from you. Today you're prone to making mistakes, which means you should be much more focused and, if anything, a little condescendent towards yourselves; you can't always do your best.


Stress and certain external factors are making your body weaker. During today, you might feel some physical discomfort which means you're coming down with an infection of some sort.

More specifically, you can feel some sores coming up in your mouth and throat. These are the most obvious proof that your body has no weapons to fight back infection. That can end up becoming a fever and general discomfort around your whole body.

You need to pair up your busy life with a better care of your body, and that especially means that you should prevent colds and infections from taking over. Today, do some gargles with bayleaf and lemon teas, two natural antiseptic agents.