Sagittarius Prediction for 15 November

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Today could be a grey, pessimistic day if you let the drive of bad luck and moping be your guide. Or it could be a day with new chances to find wonderful reasons to fight for your happiness once again.

Your relationship will be the perfect space to practice being optimistic. Today, you should try to find the beauty of your partner within their soul, and learn to grow old together by pointing out virtues and getting to grips with the idea that looks change over time.

Only with that realistic exercise, finding beauty every day where it apparently fades away, is a wonderful challenge to fill your relationship with love.


You need to find practical, imaginative solutions to the financial problems invading your personal space. Useless moaning will only sink you deeper into that vicious spiral taking you off the cliff.

Sorting problems out is something you can achieve, but you need optimism, creativity and wits. Sharpen up your insights.

You have some hidden talents and skills that make you special, but you either don't know they're there, or you don't use them as much as you could. It's time to show a more competitive side of yourselves. Finding small jobs you can do well and you're talented to do could give you some extra income.

Also, during today, the frustration from a promotion that isn't coming or the loss of some income can make things more complicated. Stay calm and trust that you'll soon recover from it.


You can strengthen your immune system barriers to avoid illnesses from spreading. Before anything else, keep prevention in mind; avoiding direct contact with others and boosting hygiene by washing your hands a few times a day will help you stay clear from certain infections.

With a healthy diet and natural remedies, we can get our body ready and avoid colds from coming. Reduce stress and bring certain foods into your diet.

Citrus fruits (lemons and oranges) and sprouts offer you their vitamin C, and you'll find great doses of selenium in pumpkin seeds, brown rice and oats. You should also include some zinc (dark chocolate and sesame seeds), and peppers, spinach and garlic (flavonoid-rich ingredients).