Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Many small failures piled up together give a feeling of great frustration, an ultimate, unsolvable defeat. Still, if you use your wits you can rise like a phoenix after a firey defeat: transforming failure into great success.

That sense of success lies in finding that small failures don't lead to a defeated spirit, but to the awakening of its most intimate awareness: admitting to your vulnerability and learning to do the walk of life with that powerful tool on your belt.

When you've become humble Sagittarius without a fear of falling, because you always know how to get back up, ask yourselves: who will dare to challenge you? What will defeat you then?


You're in a slightly repetitive, tedious path that's leading you to an unwanted result: being at a standstill. That limits your potential, reinforces your flaws and hides your virtues. You need to turn things around.

To boost your qualities and reduce the negative effects of your mistakes, you need to update your career profile. In order to do that you need bravery, persistence and energy.

Bravery will help you admit that you've become obsolete and disadvantaged in today's competitive world. Persistence will encourage you to start on a training path to allow you to get a more innovative profile. Energy will make you get up to date and cling you onto the cart down the road of success in a foreseeable future.


Calling a truce in such a troublesome week is a relief for you, and it needs to be an impulse for optimism and positive thinking. That will boost your body up to avoid new trouble or face your current challenges with greater chances of success.

Your priority right now is to rebuild your mental strength and pair it up with physical recovery. It's a true fact that your self-esteem has been damaged along the way, and you need a shock tactic to rebuild it as soon as you can.

For Sagittariuses like you, this shouldn't be too much of an effort. It will be enough to improve your outer looks, devote some time to minor beauty and make-up tips to make you feel more attractive. Keep boosting your virtues and seeing your flaws in perspective.

Don't compare yourselves to anyone, accept your true selves and keep thinking that you've got everything it takes to succeed.