Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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The pathways of love are unfathomable, Sagittariuses: even if you try to impose logic, things always surprise and overwhelm you. Your reaction capacity will be a highly useful resource to avoid the situation from overwhelming you this Saturday.

The key is to act natural, Sagittariuses. If you're going on a date, there's no point in spending your day thinking what you'll talk about, or what strategy to follow to take the lead and take them home... Let love flow.

If you're Sagittariuses in a steady relationship, the key for today will be to respect and give in to each other: generosity will be the foundation stone for shared fulfilment.


The stars encourage you to forget about going out into big supermarkets and shopping centres. Do you really want to burn off all your positive vibrations into shopping? That's also the easiest way to burn off your credit card. Use time more wisely.

You can use that sudden mood boost into more profitable and less costly experiences. How about a getaway somewhere in your area? Going out to a nice quiet village or a natural reserve near your home will help you to find new places to explore and clear off your mind.

Travelling and sports are the best choice for you, Sagittariuses. You'll be able to fill your free time with experiences without spending too much and you'll be much more satisfied in the end.


Your daily occupations don't allow you to make all the room you need for those little health tips that could help you live a healthier life. Little by little, you're giving up on yourselves.

This Saturday, however, you'll have some extra time off to focus on controlling your body. And you need to start by controlling weight shifts: losing a lot of weight in little time and gaining it back again is a sign of a lack of balance.

Watch your weight regularly and avoid strict diets: even if they have short-term effects, they make you anxious and after a few days of being disciplined, you go back to bingeing and losing control. You should plan a long-term, soft diet instead which puts balance on the top of the priority list.

Today, outdoor activities with some exercise included in the mix will help you feel better.