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Experience and maturity are acquired traits, and they could help you avoid a mess. You're running the risk of losing your excitement and hope, of finishing off your naïf, attractive side; but sometimes becoming cold and calculative makes you farsighted.

It also saves you from the trouble that's lurking behind every corner this Sunday. Betrayal from friends and cheating in love... it all seems to be taking a despairing, disappointing hue for someone with principles as firm as yours.

But the world isn't that happy Arcadia you're thinking of; it's a cruel world and you need to blend into it. You make your choices according to circumstances, and from your experienced, mature point of view.


Getting achievements these days is up to your building of a more mistrusting, seasoned personality. If you're willing to fight, do it with determination and ready to be hurt. Suffering will be worth the ride; according to the stars, there's success at the end of your fight.

But another choice just as respectable is to make a timely retreat. You obviously give up on material profits, but you aren't losing anything, and you win other intangible things that are just as important.

Whatever conclusion you reach should come from yourselves, and your actions need to be consistent and decisive. Whatever you do, you're the winner.


Eating citrus fruits regularly makes our life healthier and our body stronger. In this season, with the drop in physical strength for Sagittariuses these days, you need to use these fruits to fight back certain illnesses.

November is the month marking the start of the perfect time for citrus harvesting. Take the chance.

Orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime and tangerine give you essential oils, offer a rich natural source for vitamins and minerals, help manage your bowel movements, control your cholesterol and uric acid levels, prevent and heal diabetes, and protect your immune system.

All these benefits come together with the antioxidant properties of fruit. Don't think twice, and face winter ready to battle thanks to the nutritional benefits of citrus fruits.