Sagittarius Daily Prediction for 19 November

Monday's Sagittarius Forecast
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Today's star prediction encourages you to betray yourselves, Sagittariuses: out of that constant thirst for adventure you'll find the peace and quiet that will allow you to quench the thirst of your spiritual search.

Venus' influence comes into your life this Monday to put you on the track of sensitive sensuality. You'll be more than willing to eat, smell, kiss, touch... and the company of Taureans will be perfect to give in to pleasure and open up your senses to the max.

The collectedness and affection of Cancers or the mysterious sensuality of Scorpios could also be good partners for your thirst for connection, Sagittariuses.


The least trusting you are today, the better you'll protect your finances. The business world is cruel and it doesn't make any room for feelings, something that you seem to have forgotten due to your current emotional status. You're vulnerable in a hunting-bound environment that eats up everything that steps into it.

Be aware of danger to keep up that much needed protection. Banish that innocence that could make you fall prey to various traps; don't show your naïve side. It'll throw you right into the arms of betrayal.

And of course, don't make the mistake of thinking that everyone follows your exact same principles. Stay away from the world of money and devote your time to your spiritual concerns. Otherwise, react and get stronger.


Attention to all Sagittariuses experiencing the tornado of love these days, when Venus' influence keeps you open to sensuality and passion. Your reproductive health will allow you to enjoy love and sex confidently, while respecting the other person and taking care of yourselves.

The stars warn that there's risks and issues that could show up in your private parts and reproductive system.

It's important for you to remember that wild passion makes you more prone to making mistakes, and they can come at a high price. Catching a sexually transmitted disease is something that happens more and more often every day; stay aware that you're exposing your body to an unsafe environment.

The responsibility of an unwanted pregnancy is a game for two: any mistake in the planning of a sexual relationship could destroy you, no matter if you're a man or woman. Have fun, but be sensible about it.