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Your ruling planet is in the direct orbit of passion and love, and that could make you feel like you need to give and get more love in return. Attention: single Sagittariuses could get very comfortable in the realm of romantic battle.

Today you need to let loose your excitement about love and new relationships. You will also find rewarding feelings in friendships.

The stars' arrangement doesn't ensure that you'll be successful when going out to look for love, but it does encourage you to at least try. Probably you'll feel more fulfilled about getting to know new people and falling in love than about reaching love itself.


Listening to others more and accepting help from the outside doesn't mean your pride is damaged at all; especially today, it should be a trigger to help you work better. Your skills help you be more efficient at work, but opinions from outsiders could be really helpful as well.

If you let yourselves be helped and, in turn, help others too, you'll see the power of teamwork. With only one goal to reach, you can get much more by bringing efforts and points of view together.

Soothing down your nerves when something goes wrong or avoiding preaching and selfishness will be essential steps to progress into a more honest, constructive collaboration.

Your satisfaction at work today doesn't necessarily depend on the results; it depends on the process.


You should definitely bring fruit into your diet, Sagittariuses. Fruit will give you extra water, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant agents which will help your body work better.

If you're disciplined and eat fruit on a daily basis, you'll help prevent heart illnesses, digestive issues, neurodegenerative disorders and certain types of cancer. Besides, it's a powerful remedy against obesity.

During today, create imaginative recipes to pair up a healthy diet with the joy of food. That'll also activate your brain and develop your creativity, while activating the hormones of happiness at the same time.

Eating healthy today will not only make your body function better, but also activate your mood.