Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Some of your journeys across the abstract universe of imprecision could come at a high price, Sagittarius. Avoid getting lost in the dreams you can't make true, and land on the modest yet safe environment of reality.

You should question enthralling promises and pompous words with a mature point of view that keeps you protected, rather than from a scope of empty scepticism. Letting yourselves go with certain emotional adventures that look nowhere but the future will make you prey to a disturbing sense of relativity.

Instead, facing life from a real point of view, and accepting that happiness is in the small things and that big projects can be nothing but an illusion, is something you should learn with humility and common sense as your guides.

Open up your heart to the person you love and you'll find that the power of requited love is much more satisfying than any fantasy-based project.


The reality behind your projects is based only on constant work and the realisation of your actions; trying to reach ultimate success through the path of genius is too pretentious.

Fame and recognition are something that only a lucky few can achieve, Sagittariuses; most receive gratification through well-done jobs, finding solutions to problems, and that's only after they've been persistent and serious with their work.

Your environment at work could be a bit boring today, and you might fall prey to dangerous routines. Find motivation in small personal challenges.


Most of the discomfort in your body comes from the state of nervousness and anxiety pressing on your stomach. Mental calmness has a direct effect on the relaxation of your entire body, and it makes your bowel movements much smoother.

On the other hand, the effect of probiotics could help readjust your intestinal flora and sort it out, but in addition to that, you should improve and enrich your diet.

Trying to do too much is too ambitious, Sagittariuses. Doing exercise could be counterproductive if you do it without your best intention and it just adds up to your to-do list. Resting could be your best resource today.