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When individual relationships don't work, even if you feel like sheltering yourselves off from the world, turning your attention to other people could give you a different and highly attractive perspective. Release yourselves from frustration through bliss.

Getting distracted will do wonders on you and it can work as a form of therapy. It'll help you find that you're not alone, that routines only keep away what comes out onto the surface in the toughest of times, and that you need to be more appreciative of what you have.

As far as frustrated relationships are concerned, don't finish them off so quickly. You just need time and perspective, and your ability to being humble and facing issues with serenity and maturity will help you make everything fall back into place.


Flattering is very dangerous, Sagittariuses, and today you're running the risk of sitting on the throne of a kingdom where you don't really belong. Your priority today is to try and stay distant from those who say what you want to hear; no matter how honest they are, they're not helping.

Making your ideas clearer and strengthening the need of staying persistent will be much more helpful than some flattering statements. That doesn't mean you don't deserve them, you just have to go beyond that and avoid dwelling on them.

There's busy days coming and you'll have to work your hardest and show the best version of yourselves, with agility and energy, and in order to do that you need to keep your feet on the ground and stay connected to reality. Soon you'll feel that personal fulfilment is the best form of flattery.


Silence is a treasure that we never take into consideration. Sometimes the simplest things we don't have to pay for go by unnoticed to us. You'll find yourselves in the midst of quietness and the productive emptiness of silence.

You're so used to noise and movement that it'll be hard for you to get absorbed by the sensation of emptiness and loneliness that silence brings. But through that void, you can make room for reflection and self-awareness.

Don't forget that, as Sagittariuses, you have a much more developed spiritual side than others, even if this quick, technology-ridden world sometimes gets rid of that side. Find some space to stay quiet and talk to yourselves.