Sagittarius Daily Prediction for 24 November

Saturday's Sagittarius Forecast
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If you've made a serious, inadmissible mistake these last few days, you'll have to bear with the load of not being able to tell anyone. But then again, it doesn't make much sense to keep punishing yourselves unless you want to wear your heart out into it and sacrifice your mood.

Try to understand why you did it: avoiding to think about it won't be the only tool to sort things out. However, that should only be the point of no return.

When you've come to understand, you'll have one more tool to avoid making the same mistake, and you'll be able to look into the future with hope and excitement. Learn to forgive yourselves.


The blockage of certain logic systems within your brain will make you kind of clumsy today, and prone to making mistakes out of rushing and being nervous.

On the other hand, you've got a great chance of success in activities where you don't feel the pressure, the ones you do out of personal satisfaction, just because you feel like doing them.

Give priority to the things you're good at and which you enjoy doing. Focus your efforts into them and make the most of them. Forget about activities that make you feel bad and which only lead you to feel frustrated. Also, this Saturday you'll get bad financial news: just forget about them and don't dwell too much.


Your day will go by, at least during the first few hours, with stomachache and harsh bowel movements. It won't be a surprise that you have to go to the bathroom quite a few times, and this will make your mood worse.

Probiotics will help you restore your intestinal flora, boost your immune system, sort out digestive problems and help you metabolise nutrients. Besides, they also help you balance out your body if you're taking other medications.

Aside from strengthening your bowel with the microorganisms in probiotic medications, you can help yourselves with prebiotics, the substances in our diet, and especially carbohydrates due to their stimulation of the growth of good bacteria.

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