Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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The arrival of new spiritual flows into your life tends to raise you to a surreal status that could make you vulnerable to some real-life issues. Hooking up your abstract aspirations to a specific reality will help you appreciate your happiness.

Regarding your relationship, there could be some mistrust coming from your daily circumstances. Going back to the road of pleasure and the willingness to evolve together demands new experiences and breaking up with routine.

New sensations, new emotions, new feelings: the togetherness of new experiences which could range from a trip all the way to sensory, food experiences could bring a gust of fresh air into the relationship.


Work conflicts could turn into real wars where testosterone and the readiness to prove who is best push away common sense and a cold analysis of the current situation. Aside from sucking energy out individually, it brings down collective results.

At a personal level, this Monday you'll get some bad financial news, but if you stay cool enough you'll reach the conclusion that these are nothing but bumps on a constant upward trend. In order to keep growth up, stay cool.

However, you should be more passionate about luck: risky investments and raffles will see our archer friends get a prize. Take risk on board from a moderate point of view: your finances can't depend on that.


With the arrival of a week full of positive things and passionate projects that demand your body to be at its best, you need to find a way to generate energy to work at the top of your abilities.

As these days go by, starting from today, you'll see that your immune system is becoming stronger; and while your possible infections are fading away, your body is blocking off future illnesses. In this sense, you're entering a calm stage.

At the same time, you'll see there's muscle pain and discomfort coming which stops you from seizing your day with the best attitude. Get rid of your problems through your ability to overcome: do exercise every day so that pain doesn't stop you from having a life.