Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Shared therapy to overcome your fears and phobias could be quite the interesting activity this Tuesday, because not only will it help you overcome your personal challenges, but it will also create an intimate, strong space between you and that special person you're looking up to for support.

It'll also be a very productive exercise to realise that there's a strong power within you that can tear down any obstacle, as hard as it seems.

This piece of teamwork could be transferred into your relationship and its issues. The common sharing of your needs and wishes, and the daily challenges of your shared life can not only help you overcome them, but also to know each other better and increase your compatibility.


It's a high day for Sagittariuses at work, because the time has come for star connections to align, in order for you to get increased profits and a promotion that opens up new opportunities full of good expectations and positive vibrations.

Good luck is here to give a new sense of intensity to your investments, and there's new possibilities at work. Attention to those of you who are unemployed or barely living: there's a new cycle about to begin.

Don't let euphoria drag you around, Sagittariuses: success not only depends on the stars' decisions for you, but also on your ability to squeeze and use their given chances. Humility and focus, as well as staying persistent, will help you not to waste it.


The infection recovery trend for Sagittariuses is still going strong, but also the problems on your muscles, bones and joints. To face your long days full of work and to-do lists with a chance for success, take some cautionary measures and use a few remedies.

More specifically, today, Sagittariuses, you'll have foot issues; probably a tendinitis out of overload. You could also fall victim to plantar fasciitis or metatarsal pain, which affect the foot's sole.

For taking proper care of your feet, make sure you can find a few hours in your day where you keep them away from the floor. Sink them into hot water and then cold water for at least half an hour. Do some simple exercises at home to work on your foot muscles, and rub them afterwards with some moisturising cream or essential oils.