Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Jealousy can take its toll on your relationship right when you'd achieved a sense of stability around it. The importance of today lies on how well you can control your emotional excess.

It's not about loving more, Sagittariuses, but about loving better. And that requires you to be mature: trust in your partner is now a priority as far as your relationship is concerned.

Setting the relationship up over the foundations of generosity and honesty will bring back your love story to square one. Friendship and love will melt into your inner selves.


Self-management is the key to be successful at work today: you should rely less on others and build up your own achievements from a sense of personal confidence. The tasks you're able to carry out can be perfected with some mighty easy evolutions that just need a little confidence.

Always trusting your improvements on other people's work makes you stuck. It's time to find the qualities you have that make you special.

A change in perspective about your chances of success can turn things upside down. The quality leap is not so much related to your abilities or the specific way you do things, but rather about your mindset, ability to overcome adversity, and your self-confidence.


Sleeping issues are limiting your lifestyle quality and wear you out too much to face certain challenges in a crucial time for the transformation of your life. Today, you need to arrange a plan to sort out this problem at a short term; and most importantly: no pills!

You can sleep peacefully in 5 simple steps; it's just a matter of willpower and discipline.

First, do exercise: burning toxins off and tiring yourselves out will make you more relaxed. Relaxation can be achieved through meditation as well: secondly, do some yoga. Thirdly, put your phone away a few hours before bed.

Also, try not to sleep during the day: avoid naps and respect certain sleep routines, wake up early and go to bed early. Finally, if none of these methods work and  you can't sleep, don't stay in bed, because that'll only make you even more anxious. Do something else until you feel sleepy.