Sagittarius Daily Prediction for 29 November

Thursday's Sagittarius Forecast
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

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Focusing your day towards paying more attention to others could be the telling sign of a very interesting inner renovation process. On the opposite, isolating yourselves and focusing your whole might into taking a closer look at yourselves only could turn into serious frustration.

You're much better off sharing your problems with others and using the happiness and bliss from your closest family and friends as the therapy to overcome certain negative feelings. 

Today's a good day to work on some relationship issues you've been putting off, which just nourish jealousy and hate, bringing around more serious crises. Communication and generosity are part of the strategy to bring stability back.


Consider using part of your finances to invest and bet on growth: the stars offer you a spot of good luck for your finances' stability. Use this chance to expand them, considering a few things.

The stars point out that you, Sagittariuses, will connect with the industry sector and textile firms; take this as a reference for business operations and stock investments, stock trading, etc.

In other news, the stars predict that there'll be a space to connect at work for Sagittariuses, and different points of your day will be the perfect environment to be generous and supportive. Don't forget that your finances' progress should go hand in hand with your quality as human beings.


The conditions for you to face a full, perfect day should be surrounded in optimism; focus your mood towards energy, strength, trust, and the ability to overcome. You should especially give up on certain dramatic tendencies.

Don't turn any slight discomfort into a sign of a serious illness, and don't you even dare to try to get a diagnosis from the drama-ridden Internet forums. Use your smarts to face issues with common sense as your guide.

This Thursday, avoid extreme exercise, heavy loads at work and long car rides; minimise accident risks as much as you can and be mindful of how fragile your body is. Turn this day into a chance to grow spiritually and mentally.