Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Today you'll have to show some humility and honesty to your partner. Boosting the bonds of honesty between you and showing how humble you are towards one another will bring a gust of fresh air into the relationship.

Did you know how soul-healing it is to apologise? Or have you already forgotten how good it feels when you do it?

Saying you're sorry and promising to change is a beautiful reaction and the best proof of love there is. Mutual trust, understanding and affection could bring a rebirth of love in such a sticky situation.


Loyalty is also a core ingredient for business and work. Don't let money bring out the darkest side of your personality. You actually can pair up richness and profits with kindness and honesty, and your challenge is precisely to make that bond happen.

Don't forget that your growth only makes sense if you respect other people and your environment in the process. Don't let anyone down as you progress, and boost your generosity and selflessness.

Our actions have consequences, Sagittariuses, don't forget. And if you create a field of positive energy around you, you'll be more prone to attracting luck and abundance.


Today you'll have to sort out minor issues that aren't much of a threat to your body, but which could ruin your everyday life.

The stars predict that your lower body could be the main victim today, and that you have to double your efforts to take care of your feet.

To ease the pain in that area, you just need to work on some contrasts: put some hot and cold water in two separate bowls, put your feet into the hot water first and then in the cold one. That'll relax your feet and make blood flow more smoothly.

Doing a massage on your sole all the way from your heel to your toes, as well as moving the feet gently over a cylinder, will help you relax the area.

For issues related to fungi or dry skin, you should go see an expert instead, but always remember that it's important to watch your feet.