Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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Have you forgotten that love is made of magic? Even if you try to bring reason into analysing how it works, it belongs to a special kingdom ruled by surprise and spontaneity. And when you least expect it, after suffering and waiting for nothing, it just shows up ever so wonderfully.

You'll feel forgotten emotions once again, the nervousness for meeting someone new, the butterflies in the belly, the excitement and the silly smiles will show up again. Experience falling in love for what it is: a magic process where our whole body lives life intensely.

And especially, Sagittariuses, you should banish drama, pessimism and suffering from your life: love should bring nothing but happiness into you.


You'll experience a highly productive and profitable day that will boost your self-esteem and give you some extra drive to face your duties more decidedly. This optimism should come from the inside, from your mindset, but you need to keep it up too.

Use this drive to improve some of your work qualities and the way you get things done. Take the advice from others and focus your energy into perfecting your skills. If you make that extra effort, you'll be unstoppable.

Get your brain working, Sagittariuses: today you have the perfect chance to start projecting your dreams and make them come true. Trust yourselves, create chances and set yourselves into motion. You'll get good professional news that will boost you even further.


Despite the large doses of happiness, bliss and good humour that you convey, you won't be able to stop some strong headaches that will make your working day worse and get you in a foul mood.

To avoid these headaches from ruining your day, you can use some home remedies like taking a bath in warm water and putting a cold cloth over your head. Having coffee and getting a massage will complete this set of remedies.

If you can, avoid bright spaces and activities related to calculus and reading. If you have no other choice, you can try a painkiller to ease the pain. Lavender, willow and chamomile are three herbs perfect to soothe headaches.