Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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You're always looking down, deeply troubled by your worries, and you're so obsessed with your daily issues that you forgot to raise your head, look into the stars and find a solution.

You need to sort out your issues practically by finding the best solution, but don't let it rot your optimism and vitality one day at a time.

Why don't you share your concerns with others, Sagittariuses? Why don't you trust your partner, your parents or a close friend? Working on your communication and expressing your concerns could be quite an efficient medication today to get rid of tension and that heavy load only you are carrying around.

When you share issues, they seem less troublesome and you can see them from a certain perspective.


The source of your riches will be your ability to come out victoriously from certain situations, using your smoothness and efficiency. The key today is to stay calm, collected, and to use common sense. If you put these three concepts into practice, you'll come out of trouble relatively easily.

Doing the opposite will make you confused, stressed and prone to mistakes. It's no good to get enemies at work; right now the best you can do is keep a low profile and try to find stability.

When in the face of sudden twists on your finances, keep your head cool and see how you can turn them back. If you were to need it, find an advisor and follow their instructions calmly and patiently.


Working your day through vitamin or iron supplements should be a one-timer, Sagittariuses. But if you don't take on board certain nutritional habits to balance your body, you'll be sentenced to depend on chemicals for life.

It's best to take certain routines as soon as possible and organise a weekly diet that gives you the basic nutrients you need. If you structure your meals well and keep your discipline up, it won't be much effort.

During today you might feel certain discomfort on your hips and lower back. If the pain keeps coming up over and over, go see your doctor. If it's a one-time thing, remember to sleep well and keep a correct posture at work.